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A very fast-paced action game about drills, drilling things, throwing drills at things, and becoming one with the drill among other things.

Currently the only game mode is a 2 minutes time-attack where you try to get the highest level possible through drilling blocks, enemies, and unlocking new powers that let you drill even more. NOTE THAT THOSE POWERS AREN'T PARTICULARLY BALANCED JUST YET.

My long term goals are to add a few modes including a story mode with a level progression, bosses, new enemies, and a multiplayer VS mode.

This game was originally designed during the /agdg/ Winter Jam 2015.

BGM: "Cephalopod" by Kevin Macleod
Art and Sound Effects by me. Using Gimp, Goldwave and Bfxr.


=v1.1 (demo day 6)=

-Huge optimisation, up'ing the FPS from 30 to 60.
-Enemies now have a pathfinding AI and will try to reach the player whenever possible
-Redone the sound design. Many sfx added and replaced.
-Added some explainations on keybinds and gameplay at the start of the game.
-Added border around the room to prevent ennemis from trying to path around it
-Made a custom font for the game

-Enemies now properly face the direction they're moving in.
-Ice shards no longer glitch when unable to reach the player because they overshoot his position.
-Fixed a crash linked to Summons
-Enemies no longer have a chance to spawn inside blocks


-Fixed a collision issue that prevented players from moving through 1-block wide passageways.

-Reduced the enemy spawn rate. They're less likely to submerge you at low level.
-Added a visible notification every time you unlock a new power. so you don't forget to use it.


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icecold_demoday6.exe (Most Recent) 13 MB
icecold_v0f3.exe (Older Version) 10 MB
icecold_v0f2.exe (Older Version) 10 MB

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