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Monster Tether is an upcoming Action-Adventure game with Beat-em-all elements, following the story of a strange monster with no past, in a world of eternal night, and on a quest to find his purpose. It finds itself guided by a floating light entity, the first thing it remembers seeing after it opened its eyes.

This is a very early build, with the purpose of balancing and testing the character and camera's movements.

That being said, I had time to code an enemy and implement a gauntlet of sorts. So if you want to prove yourself, show us how many constructs you can handle at the same time.


Monster Tether_0.0.3.exe (LATEST BUILD) 4 MB
MonsterTether_DemoDays20.exe 3 MB

Development log


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Cool shader. At first was attacking with w then I found the better attack button : ).

Looking forward to how this turns out.