"In the year 2525, humanity has colonized the Moon.
You are Zeff, an astronaut engineer working at the Lunar capital.
One day, you uncover a plot by the evil Dr.Pulsar,
a mad scientist who wants to blow up the Moon.
There is no time to waste, you jury-rig a malfunctioning rocket as a jetpack, and set off for Dr.Pulsar's lunar base.

Can you save the Moon, Zeff?"

A short one-button game created as a school project,
with music from Graham Kartna.
There are currently 3 levels to beat of increasing difficulty.
Get a higher score by reaching the exit in the shortest time possible and with the less deaths.

The school assignment is now over, but I will keep working on it and add more levels/mechanics if there is a demand for it.

Thank you for playing my game.

Install instructions

Extract the .zip, then double-click the .exe file.


MoonStrider_v1.01.zip 17 MB

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